Complete F.A.T. Runoff

Having new equipment and machine systems customized to your business can give you a huge advantage over your competition, but if it isn’t working up to your company’s standards it can also be the source of some huge headaches. At A&H Custom Machine, we strive to be the solution to your headaches and not the cause – which is why we provide complete Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) Runoff. In other words, we perform extensive testing on the machines and systems that we provide for our clients. This is done in our own facilities so that any problems can be dealt with before the systems are installed at your place of business.

What is involved in the FAT Runoff Process?

The purpose of the FAT is essentially for discovering and fixing any bugs in machines or systems before the installation process. This allows the client to be up and running shortly after installation without having to worry about factory quality issues that may arise.

While there are a number of routine tests that may be conducted, the specifics of the FAT will depend on the client and the product itself. Generally speaking, a FAT will involve a comprehensive inspection, a contract audit and a water test.

  • Comprehensive inspection – this typically will be determined by the specific equipment as well as by any special requests that have been made by the customer. For example, as part of the inspection, there may be a checklist to ensure that the actual parts of the products match the design drawings.
  • Contract audit – the original contract between the manufacturer and the customer is reviewed to ensure that all obligations have been met.
  • Water test – The final product is then tested in a way that simulates the way it will be used once it is in operation. The purpose of the water test is to verify that the final product is fully functional. Verification of documents such as user manuals is typically included in this part of the process.

FATs are important, not only to ensure that any system being delivered and installed at your place of business is fully operational, but they also help to protect the safety of your employees.

Why we perform FAT Runoffs at A&H Custom

At A&H Custom Machine, we pride ourselves on providing the highest possible level of both product quality and customer service. While we would like to say that we get it perfect the first time every time, that simply isn’t always realistic. Conducting FATs in-house with the client present is the best way to determine whether we did indeed get it right or whether the project needs a little more work before it is delivered to the client.

If we did in get it right, the FAT gives us an opportunity to give the client a firsthand look at the new equipment as well as some in-house training. And, if there is an area where we have missed the mark, then the FAT gives us instant feedback and allows us to correct the problem before the product is shipped to the client. FATs are conducted at no extra cost to the client and are part of our commitment to quality.

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