The Right Choice for Creating a Carousel

When you choose A&H Custom Machine to create an engineering solution, you can do so with confidence. As a Canadian company since 1986, our staff has a combined 150 years of experience in the engineering and fabrication industry. We have the knowledge, experience, and capability to handle a wide range of engineering projects – such as a one of a kind carousel made for an overseas client.

Meeting the Customer’s Expectations

Building a carousel for an overseas client in a time sensitive manner was a challenge that A&H Custom Machine handled with ease. Our large facilities in both Hamilton and Burlington, Ontario have over 20,000 square feet of space to design, fabricate and assemble projects. Having such large facilities enables A&H Custom Machine to fabricate large projects – without space ever being an issue. In this case, the carousel measured over 50 feet in diameter and was just one component of a large ingot processing line built by our company.

An Exceptional Project from Beginning to End

A&H Custom Machine’s skilled staff completed everything necessary for this carousel project, including fabrication, machining, quality control, and pre-assembly. A challenging project to complete due to the extremely tight fabrication tolerances, our competent staff worked through various hurdles to engineer and fabricate an exceptional creation. Because the product had to be shipped overseas, it was designed in a modular fashion. This helped make disassembling, shipping and reassembling as smooth as possible.

A&H Custom Machine’s 100% Satisfied Customers

A&H Custom Machine is only happy when their customers are happy, too. In the case of the carousel, our clients were pleased with the way we professionally handled the project from start to finish. We met all of their expectations and impressed them with how we stayed on time while working within all specified tolerances – and most important of all, within budget.

If for any reason a client is never 100% satisfied with the work we do, we are sure to make it right. Having 100% satisfied customers at the project’s completion is the only way A&H Custom Machine finishes its projects.

A Business Built on a Quality Reputation

As an innovative company, A&H Custom Machine utilizes the most current equipment and fabrication techniques on the market. Our professional staff remains up-to-date on the most current skills to continuously produce the highest quality product. We have the knowledge, technology, and experience to deliver a complete service solution to each customer. We pride ourselves on creating a quality product each and every time you work with us, leaving you wanting to return to us for future project work and to refer us to colleagues.

Your #1 Choice for Custom Machined and Fabricated Solutions

Whether your project is the same size as the carousel we created or much bigger or smaller, A&H Custom Machine has the skills, equipment, and knowledge to provide a complete solution for you. Contact us today to learn more.


Metal Carousel piece
Carousel piece up close
Carousel by A&H Custom Machine
Metal Carousel Rungs
carousel getting ready for shipping.
Metal Carousel Ring