Cladding (Chicago Spire)

A & H was picked by the architectural firm as we were one of the few companies capable of working on such a large piece made of thin gauge material and one of the few suppliers able to fabricate the very complex bend angles required for the piece.


A Quality Cladding Provider

Whether you require cladding to control infiltration of weather elements or solely for aesthetic purposes, A&H Custom Machine is your go-to source for this application.

Providing Protection against the Weather

One of the main uses for cladding is as a control element against adverse weather conditions. Cladding does not necessarily have to provide a waterproof barrier; however, it can safely direct water or wind so that run-off and infiltration is prevented from entering the building’s structure. Extend the longevity of your building’s structure by having A&H Custom Machine provide your company with cladding!

Increasing Your Building’s Aesthetics

Want to add a beautiful touch to the external décor of your building? Our experts can discuss with you the various finishes that A & H Custom Machine’s cladding product comes in that will significantly add to your building’s aesthetic appeal. With our 20,000 square foot facility in Ontario, Canada, no job is too big or too small!

Other Cladding Uses

Noise can be prevented from entering or exiting a building by utilizing a control element in cladding. In addition, cladding can be used on windows to protect against the weather and to extend a building’s exterior paint finish. Our experts will gladly discuss with you the various uses of cladding services and how they can help your business!

Years of Trusted Experience and Knowledge

Since 1986, A&H Custom Machine has been providing high quality cladding services delivered by our skilled team members. Our employees’ 150 years of collective experience speaks for itself when it comes to why companies choose us to complete their cladding project work. Where competitors have failed to deliver, we have continued to surpass expectations. Whether your company requires cladding that has complex bends, utilizes thin gauge materials or is going to be used on a very large project, A & H Custom Machine will impress you with our capabilities. Rarely is there a job that we cannot tackle together. Come see for yourself what puts us above our competition!

A&H Custom Machine’s Complete Service Facility

A&H Custom Machine is experienced with engineering and fabricating a wide range of projects from concept to completion. We are a complete service facility that has maintained the principles that have made us successful: innovation, quality, knowledge and uncompromised service. Contact us today to see the quality of cladding work that A & H Custom Machine can provide to your company.

view of a TMD at the Chicago Spire