Specialty Equipment

Our Company’s Dual Purpose

Since 1986, A&H Custom Machine has been producing complete engineering and fabricating solutions to customers around the world. In addition, our company has a long history of building complex machinery and components for use in numerous industries. With our 150 years of combined experience and our quality reputation, we are your number one choice when you require specialty equipment.

A&H Custom Machine: A Quality Supply Provider

Whether your company is in need of punch lines, shears, steel straightening equipment, conveyors, lift tables or any other specialty equipment, know that you’ve come to the right place! Besides offering a widespread of quality, specialty equipment, A&H Custom Machine also offers services that cover designing, engineering, fabricating and installing specialty equipment. We are here to provide you with whatever level of assistance you require to get your project done on time and within budget!

A&H Custom Machine Provides Customers with Complete Service Solutions

A&H Custom Machine will quickly become the only supplier you require to build whatever equipment your company needs. Our two Ontario, Canada based facilities include over 20,000 square feet each of assembly and fabrication space. Having such a large space enables us to tackle any project – regardless of its size. With full design, manufacturing, paint, assembly and electrical capabilities, A&H Custom Machine prides itself on being a full-service provider that produces only the highest quality products.

After your specialized equipment is built by our skilled team, your relationship with us does not have to end! As a one-stop shop, A&H Custom Machine can also provide you with project management support and after-market service and parts capability. Utilizing everything that we offer will save you not only headaches with trying to find a comparable service provider, but most importantly, time and money. Let us help you!

Offering Competitive Pricing

A & H Custom Machine has strong partnerships with other providers in the industry. In addition, we have increased purchasing power due to a long history of doing business with major suppliers. You can be confident knowing that A&H Custom Machine will provide you with the best pricing available for your project’s needs.

Quality, Guaranteed

A&H Custom Machine has a reputation that is built on delivering only the highest quality solutions to our customers. Because we are a complete service solution, we can consistently guarantee our product’s level of quality. Those we employ within our facilities are all experienced and qualified and apply a wealth of experience to every project. Also, all parts created in our facilities go through a stringent QA/QC process.

Throughout the entire fabrication process - from the very start of each project to assembly and runoff - our experienced, professional team works together to produce superior products and to provide quality equipment solutions. Come see for yourself what sets A&H Custom Machine apart from the competition. Contact A&H Custom today to learn more.

Specialty Equipment