OEM Services

Our mission is to deliver the highest quality solutions directly related to our operation as a complete service facility.

Our experienced and highly qualified team work together during the entire project process, from needs analysis to engineering to assembly and runoff.

What are OEM Services?

Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) Services simply means that we produce goods that other companies use as components in other products. For a variety of reasons (resources, expertise, logistical reasons etc). It may simply make more sense for our clients to outsource design and manufacturing work to A&H Custom Machine rather than do it themselves.

The goal is always to produce a quality product and add value for our customers. This allows our clients to operate world class brand companies without necessarily having to have a production facility of their own. We have delivered OEM services for a variety of unique and exciting projects including tapping doors, a carousel, and a robotic debander. If you operate a business or are conducting a project that requires OEM services for building technologies, we invite you to contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Custom machine

Why Choose The A&H Team for OEM Services?

A&H Custom Machine is comprised of an expert team of engineers and manufacturers ideally suited to design and fabricate custom industrial components.  Our electrical and mechanical engineers assess the needs of our clients and work to come up with a solution to fit their needs.

Components are then manufactured at one of our state of the art facilities to exact specifications using some of the most advanced equipment and machinery in the industry.  Our commitment to quality and superior customer service is second to none.

Our team has worked with clients from around the world to develop and manufacture original equipment and replacement parts in the building technologies industry.  We ensure that any parts produced meet all of the necessary regulatory compliance standards and we are able to produce components in both small and high quantities.

The A&H Advantage

Your advantage? Share in our wealth of experience and complete service ability for improved quality control, a hands-on approach for the entire project, flexible timelines, and reduced transportation costs. We also have strong partnerships with other providers in the industry and increased purchasing power due to a long history of dealing with major suppliers.

Our Commitment to You

We take our commitment to our clients very seriously.  When your company makes the decision to work with A&H Custom Machine for OEM services, you can be confident that your parts will be designed and manufactured with extreme attention to detail and with the highest level of professionalism and expertise.

It is this commitment to excellence, along with a strong team of dedicated individuals which has produced many satisfied clients over the years and has allowed us to be in business for more than thirty years.

We are a complete OEM company and also offer pre-engineered equipment building services. To inquire further about our services, we invite you to contact us.

  •  Tapping Doors
     A 24’ x 22’ (x 7’ deep) steel test frame was engineered by A&H for the Factory Acceptance Test. A&H’s comprehensive QA/QC process was implemented to ensure full traceability and customer satisfaction.
  • Carousel
    This carousel was just one component of a large ingot processing line built by A&H. Measuring over 50’ in diameter, the entire project was designed in a modular fashion to be easily disassembled, shipped and reassembled at the customer’s site.