TMD // Tuned Mass Damper

What is a TMD?

A TMD, or Tuned Mass Damper, is a device mounted in tall or large structures to reduce the amplitude of vibrations caused by environmental forces or forces caused by usage. Tuned mass dampers are designed to move in an opposing direction to the oscillations of the structure.

How it works

TMD // Construction


Because they have a specific application, tuned mass dampers have a custom design and configuration. There are three key components: a moving mass, springs and damping devices. Working together, energy formed by the movement of the mass is dissipated in the form of heat.

TMD // Types

Types of TMDS

Although the two types of tuned mass dampers may feature slight differences in mechanics, both work to reduce vibrations found in a structure.

Pedestrian Induced Vibrations

Used to reduce vertical vibrations commonly found in bridges, floors, and walkways.

Wind-induced Vibrations

Used to reduce the effect of vortex shedding commonly found on narrow buildings, towers, and other slender structures.

How It Works

Custom designed and built

To stabilize against the motion created by a structure’s harmonic vibration, a damper’s frequency is tuned to a specific structural frequency. Because the first vibrational mode of a structure contributes significantly to its dynamic response, a TMD is commonly tuned to the first natural frequency of the structure.

When the frequency is excited, the damper will vibrate out of phase with the structural motion and dissipate the energy created. Any vibrations experienced are less intense, which makes the structure more comfortable for occupants.

By implementing a frictional or hydraulic component in mass dampers, the mechanical kinetic energy can be converted into heat.

A TMD’s effectiveness depends on the accuracy of its tuning, its mass ratio and the extent of internal damping constructed into the TMD.


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At A+H Tuned Mass Dampers, we have a global customer base. We’ve worked on many contracts for TMDs on massive projects including skyscrapers, airports, and bridges. Our expert team has built and installed more tuned mass dampers for buildings than any other firm in the world. We are honoured by the trust that our clients put in us. The responsibility to ensure proper project coordination and collaboration with key stakeholders is something we take very seriously. TMD’s are our passion.

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