TMD // Our Mission

Innovative Solutions.
Proven Performance.

A+H Tuned Mass Dampers is a world leader in the supply and fabrication of TMD’s. In collaboration with the key stakeholders and together with our strategic partners, we provide world class solutions. Tuned Mass Dampers are installed in structures that require supplemental dampening worldwide.

How they work

TMD // Benefits


Build Higher

In short, a TMD acts as a counter balance against the movement of the building therefore, it allows commercial developers to build higher allowing for more floors/units and a greater return on investment.


Save on Cost

Manufacturing and installing a TMD allows commercial developers to delete excess steel and build more efficiently saving on time and cost of construction material.


Through engineering and increased manufacturing knowledge, A+H and our partners have made a huge variety of different-sized TMDs for clients around the world due to well coordination process that improved efficiency.

TMD // Our Work

World Map

Together with our strategic partners we produce innovative tuned mass damper designs built for the specific needs of your building, bridge, tower or any other project that requires a tuned mass damper.

TMD // Process

Manufactured in Canada

Designed & built in-house

Our engineering department is housed in a modern, open-concept office next to our main shop in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. Each of our shops is equipped with the latest in technology to deliver the highest quality product. All parts fabricated in our shop go through a rigorous QA/QC process.

Project coordination

Collaborating with developers

Share in our wealth of experience and complete serviceability for improved quality control, a hands-on approach for the entire project, flexible timelines, and reduced transportation costs. We also have strong partnerships with other providers in the industry and increased purchasing power due to a long history of dealing with major suppliers.

See the Process

Time-Lapse Video

Witness a time lapse of the manufacturing process of a tuned mass damper. This particular TMD is destined for Australia.

Strategic Partners

A proven track record

Walter Group

Trusted Clients

A proven track record

JDS Development Group

Driven to innovate

We’re passionate about achieving what might seem impossible through problem solving, engineering, fabricating and machining. With collaboration and innovation, we push through boundaries, we challenge physics and we go beyond what is possible.

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