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Central Park Tower

Built in 2020, Central Park Tower is currently the tallest residential building in the world standing at 472.44 meters (1,550 feet) above ground. It offers its residents views of New York’s iconic Central Park.

How it works

Tuned Mass Damper

How it Works

Central Park Tower, New York City

01 // The Challenge

At 472.44 meters this building required a tuned mass damper larger than had ever been built before. It remains our largest TMD built to date.


02 // Environmental Forces

The Centra Park Tower is a super tall very narrow tower designed to maximize valuable New York real estate. It was also designed to include several cantilevers on upper floors. While this increases the square footage, it also increases building weight and resulting sway. *


03 // Technology

Working with the same principles as needed for a smaller opposed pendulum style tuned mass damper, we machined and built this large TMD at our Lancing facility. We also machined parts needed for the trial assembly. The key for the success of this TMD was the coordination and cooperation between all disciplines, including design, fabrication, installation, tuning and conditioning. *

* For more information or questions, please contact our partner Motioneering.

Tuned Mass Dampers in Buildings

Tuned mass dampers, also called harmonic absorbers, are simple yet effective mechanisms that allow us to design and live in skyscrapers. Without them, the lifespan, structural integrity, and comfort of these high rise buildings would be seriously reduced.

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